Rules & Regulations

Pool rules and regulations


* Club Management and Lifeguards have full authority of pool management. Please contact the General Manager should you have any questions! Pool Telephone Number: (919) 383-8993 

1. All Children and Grandchildren of our members will have complimentary admission to the pool only. The member must be present for a non-member to have access to the pool. If you have a guest that is not your child or grandchild, that guest fee is $5.00. Guests two years of age and younger are complimentary. 

2. The Lifeguard staff will have complete authority to enforce rules and to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety of those at the pool. Club Management or Supervising Lifeguard has the authority to suspend pool privileges due to misconduct on the day of the infraction. Repeated infractions or serious nature infractions could result in loss of privileges for an extended period as determined by management and club committee. Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated.

3. Only acceptable swimming apparel may be worn in the pools (thong bathing suits, cut-off jeans, exposed underwear are not permitted).

4. A maximum of 3 area resident guests are permitted on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Non-resident guests may accompany a member at anytime. Members must properly register guests. Baby-sitters will not be charged. A maximum of 8 visits per season for any one guest.

5. Boisterous conduct is not permitted in or around the pool. This includes running, pushing, dunking or other acts that would annoy or endanger others.

6. Only food and beverage served by the Club will be permitted on Club property. Food may be eaten only in the snack bar and in the courtyard of the pool house. Food is not permitted in the swimming pool or on the deck adjacent to the pool.

7. No drinking or smoking is permitted in swimming pools.

8. No glass objects are allowed in the pool or surrounding area area.

9. Flotation devices are not allowed in the diving wells of the pools. This includes life jackets worn by swimmers as well as rafts, beach balls, etc. Plastic rings will be used only in the shallows. Regulation life jackets or the inflatable football type of supporter are permitted in the shallow side of the lifeline of the main pools only. Life jackets, rafts, beach balls, water cannons and aerial equipment/toys may be used only with the approval of the lifeguard on duty.

10. Swimming is not permitted under or to the side of the diving boards or lifeguard stand.

11. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Excessive bouncing and horseplay on the diving board is not permitted.

12. Children under three (3) years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless directly supervised by an adult. Children who still require diapers are permitted in the main pools only if they are wearing approved “swimsuit diapers.”

13. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by and directly supervised by a person sixteen (16) years of age or older while in the main pool areas. The zero entry pool area is for those children five (5) years of age and younger who do not use the main pool.

14. Adults have priority over children for use of poolside chairs. Please do not use pool chairs for storage of your personal goods.

15. All pools are closed at hours when guards are not on duty and when the Club is closed.

16. Swim lessons must be canceled two (2) hours prior to scheduled lesson time or the member will be charged accordingly.

17. Children should not be changed or dressed on the pool decks. Please use appropriate locker rooms for diaper changing and swim suit changing.

18. Personal entertainment devices volume must be kept at low levels so as not to disturb other members. Illicit language and content will be not be tolerated.

19. Admittance to the pool will be refused to persons with open sores, cuts or skin disorders. 

20. No outside food or drink is permitted in the pool

Pool Party Requirements and Guidelines

• The pool can only be rented privately for outside events 3 times during the pool season. The Board of Directors approves such a request. A signed contract and deposit must be on file to secure a private rental date. Please see the chart below for applicable fees.

Day of the Week

Deposit & Rental Fee

Food and Beverage Minimum




Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday



Friday & Saturday



• All pool parties where the pool will still be open to members can only be  scheduled Tuesday through Thursday or Sunday. The club will block off an area of the pool which will accommodate your group.
• Under 50 guests: $150 pool charge, plus food and beverage charges.
• 50-100 guests $250 pool charge, plus food and beverage charges.
• The club will handle life guard staffing and if needed you will be billed accordingly.
• Cakes and cupcakes may be brought in by the club host. All other food and beverage needs must be provided by the club and be ordered through the Director of Catering regardless of party size.