Croasdaile Cares
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Croasdaile Cares
4/30/2019, 5/2/2019
As you may know, earlier this year the Board approved an outreach program called Croasdaile Cares! There is a subcommittee of the Social Committee that is heading up this wonderful program. A few times a year, the Croasdaile Cares group will have different opportunities for Club Members to help the greater Durham community. Please know that there are no costs to the Club for these programs and any participation is strictly voluntary!

The current Croasdaile Care initiative is a food drive to support Meals on Wheels of Durham.
“Meals on Wheels of Durham delivers a nutritious meal, a safety check and a smile that serves as a lifeline to seniors of limited mobility. This combination goes well beyond fighting the battle against the hunger that threatens one in six of America’s seniors – it provides the support and peace of mind that enable them to remain safely and securely in their own homes as they continue to age.”

It is particularly important to have items for weekend meals to bridge the gap between the five weekday deliveries. Our drive is to provide items for these weekend meals.

Items that you can donate are:

Individual Serving Size Containers:
o Fruit Cups (unsweetened)
o Applesauce (unsweetened)
o Pop-Top Soup (low sodium if possible)
o Tuna and Crackers Packages
o Pop-Top Canned Meals i.e. spaghetti or chicken and dumplings
o Peanut Butter or Cheese Crackers – snack size
o Granola Bars
o Breakfast Bars
o Nutrition Bars
o Juice Boxes
o Ensure

The following items can be larger sized containers – they will be used to make sandwiches:
o Peanut Butter
o Jelly
o Mustard

We ask that you drop off any items you would like to donate at the receptionist desk by 5:00 pm on April 30th. If you would like volunteer your time making sandwiches, please bring a loaf of bread and a box of Ziploc bags and come to the new Event Room at 5:00 pm on Thursday May 2nd. Our desire is to get young and old to assist in this worthwhile project so please feel free to bring the entire family.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and know that Croasdaile Cares!